Welcome to Assai Consult

At Assai, we turn knowledge into action through social infrastructure and evaluation.

Social infrastructure for development

We develop project designs and implement strategies for producing infrastructure that achieve two goals at the same time:

Better infrastructure, which

  • is owned and appreciated by the community
  • is adapted to culture, place and climate
  • incorporates local construction techniques and materials
  • is easy to maintain and repair

Stronger communities, which have

  • benefited socially and financially from the construction process
  • been brought together, healing rifts
  • have improved community management capacity
  • have more equitable and transparent community governance

Evaluation for Social Change

We design monitoring and evaluation frameworks and undertake evaluations which:

  • engage program staff in a learning process
  • take the context of the program into account
  • investigate if and how programs have contributed to changes to peoples lives
  • focus on the use of evaluation findings
  • contribute to organisational practice change

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