Indonesia: Aceh Local Governance and Infrastructure for Communities (LOGICA)

Assignment name: Infrastructure Advice to LOGICA (Local Governance and Infrastructure for Communities in Aceh)
Project Value: USD 200,307 (AUD 210,000)
Country: Indonesia
Location in country: Aceh
Name of Client: Hassall and Associates International as prime contractor to AusAID
Date: 2009

Narrative description of Project:

In response to 2004’s Boxing Day Tsunami, the Government of Australia established a 24-month, AUD 35m governance project called LOGICA. LOGICA’s objective was to improve governance, helping the 200 worst-affected villages re-establish themselves and manage their own reconstruction.

LOGICA’s components were: 1. Re-establishing people on their land: community land mapping, spatial planning, small civil construction grants, connecting communities to housing providers, and informing people of rights and responsibilities; 2. Community empowerment: strengthening village-based governance, providing village halls, and supporting volunteer cadres; 3. Strengthening sub-district governance: management visioning and training for sub-district governments, providing offices and equipment, developing user-friendly services, and improving timeliness and systems quality; and 4. Housing construction support: assisting villages with housing providers, assisting the BRR in developing housing policy, and developing an overall monitoring framework.

The Community Infrastructure Grants Scheme (CIGS) disbursed AU$3.5m over 18 months, enabling villages to construct 500 high quality, small scale housing-associated civil projects using their own decision-making and management structures. These projects produced faster results at lower cost than by conventional processes. In LOGICA’s final period, the CIGS/Logical Infrastructure Support Team (LIST) was tasked with repairing houses produced by other Projects. AusAID views LOGICA as their most successful Aceh project. All objectives listed have been met for selected villages. A further project extension and LOGICA 2’s design aim to address the needs of post-conflict villages not affected by the Tsunami.

Description of actual services:

Assai established, advised on, and monitored implementation of all built aspects of the Project, most importantly, CIGS. Assai provided expert design and implementation advice, including: Initiation, scoping and establishment of 50-person LIST, to monitor and advise on activities; Advice on negotiating inputs from ARPIC, which designed and constructed Sub District Offices and Village Halls; Design, development and mobilisation of CIGS using Community Based Contracting (CBC) methodologies; Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of CIGS process and LIST’s progress; Reorganisation of housing component to integrate LIST and housing monitoring teams; Redesign of Project’s final six months to unify CIGS and housing assistance component; and Assistance with overall monitoring, quality assurance, and reporting.