LGL Kapit Relocation

To provide space for an ore stockpile, the Special Mining Lease included the area previously occupied by Kapit Village, requiring its relocation. Before Assai’s involvement, relocation houses were constructed for 26 families. Complications arose when relocated villagers (relocates) became dissatisfied with land ownership agreements as well as the houses. Assai was subsequently engaged to work closely with the relocates to develop a new design that overcame issues of high maintenance, short material life, remote location and a culturally and environmentally inappropriate layout. The features of the new house design include:

  • – Long lasting, economical, adaptable and corrosion resistant materials, such as treated timber from PNG sustainable plantation forests;
  • – Steep roofs and large eaves to protect walls and windows from weather, allowing passive ventilation through raked ceilings;
  • – Elevated water tanks, allowing gravity-fed water reticulation; and
  • – Outdoor ancillary buildings such as ablutions and kitchens with smokeless ovens.

These features were all designed around a contractual and construction system to best utilise locally available skills and materials.