Vanuatu: Secondary Schools Extension Project (VSSEP)

Assignment name: Vanuatu Secondary Schools Extension Project (VSSEP)
Project Value: USD 3.8million
Country: Vanuatu
Location in country: Efate
Name of Client: AusAID
Date: 2002
Associated Consultants: Kramer Group

Narrative description of Project:

The VSSEP aimed to improve the quality of education in Vanuatu, by providing additional infrastructure and educational materials at Onesua and Montmartre secondary schools. The Project also aimed to decrease the cost of providing infrastructure through more appropriate and sustainable building designs, and by opening the tender process to lower-cost, local contractors via a stringent quality system. The Project involved local materials supply and close involvement of schools in decision-making. The Project produced 40 buildings and associated services infrastructure at the two schools, plus on-site infrastructure and educational materials.

Description of actual services:

AusAID engaged Assai to manage complete design and project management services for VSSAP. Responsibilities included: consultation with stakeholders; writing project brief; consultation with end users; architectural design and documentation; tendering to 30 small contractors; materials procurement, logistics and insurance; construction management; and furniture procurement.