Cities by CitizensWe often come across wonderful people, projects and ideas that inspire our work.

Our side projects explore these in more depth, particularly how the built environment can improve our lives at every scale, from the home up to the office, community and city.


Side Projects

Cities by Citizens

The Cities By Citizens blog aims to enable urban residents to directly design and manage their own places, neighbourhoods and cities.

Assai’s David Week is currently writing a Cities by Citizens book with collaborator Lucinda Hartley of CoDesign Studio.

Architecture for Development

The Architecture for Development blog explores the philosophy and practice of international development, from broad issues of intercultural understanding to the effective use of ICT.

Home Liberation

Our homes are we spend most of our lives. They’re the place in which we have the greatest power and opportunity to shape our vision of our life’s purpose. Home Liberation hopes to transform the way you see, use and shape your home, in better alignment with your aims and purpose in life.

Things We Love

Scatter Grounds

Does Australia’s built environment support cultural diversity? Meet Scatter Grounds, a new social enterprise in Melbourne tackling the issue head-on.

Scatter Grounds works to cultivate a more culturally diverse built environment design industry that can address the lack of agency & understanding of migrant enclaves within the urban design field. Assai Consult is mentoring Scatter Grounds on a pro-bono basis to support their vital work.

Link Festival, 16-17 Feb 2015

What do you get when you put architects, social entrepreneurs, engineers and hackers in a room together? One hell of an interesting conversation — and big ideas inspiring real world action. The theme for 2015 is cities, and our principal David Week is a speaker.