Strategic Workplaces


Assaí specialises in translating corporate strategy and culture into the spatial design of new workplaces. We work with clients to incrementally improve their workplaces throughout the continuous facilities change process known as ‘churn’.


Our methodology:

1. Elicit corporate strategy and workplace culture;2. Construct a ‘pattern language’ describing a set of spatial strategies, to implement corporate strategy or culture change through workplace design and operation; and3. Implement the pattern language in a design or facilities management system.

Stages of change:

Consult: We consult with senior management to determine their vision for the organisation, audit the physical environment and analyse the workplace’s existing corporate strategy and culture.Workshop: We hold management workshops to translate the basic vision into a working approach, or ‘translation’. This way, the pattern language acknowledges all culture and work processes and management take full ownership of the results.

Map: We then produce a clear, practical management framework. The pattern language provides a strategic map to implement corporate

strategy and culture in the workplace. It can be used to control the design and monitor workplace operations, and is a focus and record for continuous improvement activities.

Implement: We implement our strategic workplace projects using best practice architectural and construction methodologies.


  • Brandmakers Pty Ltd
  • Camp Quality
  • Disability Services Australia
  • Ernst & Young Services
  • Sydney Water

Key Projects

  • Concept for New Workplace for Brandmakers
  • New Space Office Layout for Camp Quality
  • Space Concepts for Bankstown Vocational Centre
  • Furniture and Layout Concepts for Ernst & Young
  • Strategy for Future of Sewerage Treatment Plants

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