The Footscray Projects

The Footscray Projects bring together new and established migrant communities around the exchange of dialogue, culture, knowledge and skills.

Using the principles of Asset Based Community Development, these projects utilize the assets and resources within the community to meet the needs of the community. The projects build relationships and connects people into larger networks. They aim to foster integration of the new migrant community, as opposed to assimilation, through providing opportunities that allow individuals to share their assets and their personal and entrepreneurial capabilities. All projects have arisen out of a dialogue with community members and are in the process of evolution.

With the Footscray Upcycling Project, interested community members work with discarded materials to create furniture. Using local technology and woodworking tools, participants learn a range of skills and techniques.

Have a look at the project outline in the slide deck below.


The Upcycling Project 

Footscray Upcycling Project